Eau Claire Disability Lawyer William F. Laman

bill-lamanIndividuals applying to receive Social Security disability quickly learn that the process is complex and often confusing. Not only may an applicant not know quite how his impairment meets the Listings, but the required documentation to evidence that he is disabled can be hard to determine. Eau Claire disability attorney William F. Laman has provided compassionate and dedicated assistance to individuals filing for disability for over 40 years, and understands the process thoroughly.

Eau Claire Disability Attorney Bill Laman on Meeting SSA’s Requirements

For the claimant who is new to the process, the definition of “disability” as interpreted by the Social Security Administration may be puzzling. This definition may not accord with that of one’s physician. Eau Claire disability attorney Bill Laman understands that the biggest challenge for a claimant is meeting the requirements as enumerated in SSA’s Listings. This may not be an easy matter. Often claimants are disheartened to find their applications denied. At this point, a person may feel inclined to abandon the process altogether; however, there is good news in that an extensive appeals process exists to help claimants get a second opportunity.

An Eau Claire Disability Lawyer on the Appeals Process

If your application is denied, you can either decline to proceed further or appeal. It is important to secure the assistance of an Eau Claire disability attorney at this point if you have not done so already. The appeals process is comprised of several stages:

  • First Level Appeal: At this level, another review will be conducted of your application. It is useful to keep in mind that SSA does not actually look at your application for first consideration; rather, a contracted organization does so.
  • Administrative Hearing: At this level you will be called upon to appear before an administrative law judge. Your Eau Claire disability attorney will be present to represent you and will make sure that the judge hears all the evidence he needs on your behalf. Keep in mind that many applications that were previously rejected are approved at this level.
  • Appeals Council
  • Federal Court

The process of appeals takes time, unfortunately, and without the assistance of an attorney it may be frustrating. A mistake some claimants make upon the initial rejection is to simply begin the application process again. This will in all likelihood cost you even more precious time, so it is not advised.

An Eau Claire Disability Lawyer With Over Four Decades of Experience

Bill Laman has the experience needed to help claimants through the application and appeals process. He is a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), and has represented hundreds of disability and SSI applicants. If you have become injured and cannot work for at least twelve months, call an Eau Claire disability attorney at William F. Laman Law Office today: (800) 934-0334.

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